Hagia Sophia was the world largest religious temple and still needs to be considered as only one at its own category due to no any other building to be compared with it.
This masterpiece is the most important and grandest of Christian church architecture. It is a challenge to nature and a separation from traditional architecture style. It is Hagia Sophia that a building first time covered by massive dome and first time to support central dome by two semi domes to provide more space. It has served two religious and  two great empire, over 900 years as church and around 500 years as mosque. Once you go into building that historic,mystical, vibrant harmony vigorously embrace you and take you a journey for 1400 years.

Visit and Talks
I and II Hagia Sophia Church Remains
Saint John Chrysostom
Inner narthex Mosaics and picture wall
Justinian I and Theodora
Imperial Gate ( believe that made from wood of Noah’s ark )
2400 years old marble jars
Omphalos and Ley Lines
Columns from Solomon Temple
Christian and Islam figures on Central Dome
Calligraphy arts
Mihrab, Minbar, Muezzin mahfils and Sultan Lodge
Cisterns and wells of Hagia Sophia
Wish Column
Ramps and Upper Gallery
Fourth Crusaders and Grave Stone Henrico Dondolo
Viking graffiti
Synod, Gate to heaven and hell
Deiseis and Byzantine Royal Mosaics
Byzantine Royal throne spots and Ceremonies
Lighting and Heating System
Splendid Door ( from 2th B.C )
… And many myths and facts

Tour Fee

  • Per Person €20

What is included?

  • Entrance Fee
  • Professional Licensed Guiding ( Only in English

Tour Duration : 1.5 hours

Departure Time: 9 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 4 pm ( Booking is required ! )

Group Size: Minimum 2 people  - Maximum 12 people

Meeting Point : German Fountain ( One Hundred meters to Hagia Sophia )

NOTE: We will provide individual skip-the-line tickets for your private tour. There can, however, be a security line which no one can skip.