Turkey is world’s third richest kitchen with over 2500 food varieties. For sure Istanbul is one top generous city hosts lots of concealed tastes on Europe and Asia those enrich to your taste buds.  Having a food tour in Istanbul is totally a complementary of your visit in 24 hours alive city. Our guided walking food tour will introduce you concealed finest Turkish delicacies sure to entice your tastebuds. Culinary stops include very local restaurants ( called Lokanta), Mezes places, Street foods, Pickle Shops, Local vegetable, fruit and fish Markets, Turkish coffee on sand, Unique Anatolian cuisine restaurant (foods are since ages) tribal foods, best baklava (since 1820) and real Turkish ice cream. Besides so many local food stops we will season our experience with breathtaking views and historical landmarks on Europe and Asia Continents. Our friendly knowledgeable guides always ready to share their wealth of information with you and giving you insights exclusive to the locals.