Istanbul hold unique monuments of Byzantine and Ottoman empire. For sure Fatih/Sultanahmet is a must area to visit glorious historic and cultural structures. This peninsula is also surrounded by the sea of Marmara, Bosphorus and Haliç (Golden Horn) those will help you to map locations and get you deep more into UNESCO World Heritage in Constantinople.


*World crowned architecture  Hagia Sophia. Milestone where was once zero point of the world.

*Largest oriental Topkapı palace on Europe.

*Most colorful and 3th biggest historic Blue Mosque

*One of the oldest and most visited square Hippodrome ( Monuments to see Egypt obelisk, Serpent column, Wall obelisk, German fountain)

* Largest covered surviving Byzantium Cistern. Here was subjected to most watched films, most read books, most played games. ( James Bond, Dan Brown, Assassin’s creed )

*A challenging souk ( Grand Bazaar) since 1461 and many others are among these Istanbul wants to tell you.


Day 2

*Grandest Ottoman Turkish Mosque ( Sultan Suleiman Mosque)  in Istanbul and one of the few mosque complex that buildings have been retained and sympathetically adapted for reuse.

* Valens Aqueduct : It was merely one of the terminal points of a system of ancient aqueducts and canals of Constantinople. The water system eventually reached over 250 kilometers (155 miles) in total length, the longest such system of Antiquity

*The Monastery of Christ Pantocrator – Zeyrek Camii ( Mosque )

*Roman City Walls

*Blakhernai ( Tekfur Palace ) one of the few surviving Byzantine Royal Palace.

* Ecumenical Patriarchate

* The Last byzantine Church