These are city’s icons from past to future. All is face to face located in historic Istanbul area. They have been listed in the Unesco world Heritage sites since 1985. Each one is summary of different times and empires. From ancient Greek to Rome and Ottoman to Turkish Republic this city has lots of memories to share with you.


*World architecture crown Hagia Sophia. Milestone where was once zero point of all distance in the world.

*Largest oriental Topkapı palace on Europe.

*Most colorful and 3th historic biggest Blue Mosque

*One of the oldest square Hippodrome ( Egypt obelisk, Serpent column, Wall obelisk, German fountain)

* Largest covered surviving Byzantium Cistern. Here was subjected to most watched films, most read books, most played games. ( James Bond, Dan Brown, Assassin’s creed )

*A challenging souk ( Grand Bazaar) since 1461 and many others are among these Istanbul wants to tell you.

*Last Ottoman royal cemetery and Historical Çemberlitas Bath




Tour Fee

It is 100 Euro per group.