Day 1 – Istanbul Wonders

This is the best meeting say hello to Istanbul. Seeing all city’s magnificent monuments at same circle will take you a fairy tale journey in past and bring you back to the moment with an experience that may help you find answers why you are in this magical city.


Topkapi Palace and Harem; Largest oriental palace on Europe. An architecture union of Ottoman, Persian and Medieval Western. A maze (Harem) which has been stuck by many secrets. 7th biggest historic diamond, Holy relics Islam, Christianity, Judaism and 3th richest world porcelain collection and many others.

Hagia Sophia – St Sophia ; It is one of the supernatural building in the world. A philosopher’s stone on crown of world history and architecture.

Underground Cistern ; More than a cistern on James Bond movies and Dan Brown Book

Hippodrome ; Where was not only stadium gladiator and animal fought also receiving a signals for royals how safe they are in the heart of public. Today this narrow rectangular square greets everyone by Egypt Obelisk, Serpent Column, Wall Obelisk and German fountain.

Blue Mosque ; 3th biggest historic mosque from 1616 and only mosque with six minarets from Ottoman Turkish Dynasty

Grand Bazaar : Turkey’s Biggest and Oldest souk. Around 3500 shops, 22 Gates, 66 streets and mans similar products those ready falls in love your money.

Day 2 – European Istanbul and Asian Istanbul

Taking boat ride between 2 continents makes you believe that you are in the most blessed city on the earth. As it did Napoleon Bonaparte by this words ‘’ If the earth were single state Istanbul would be Its capital ‘’


Boat ride on Bosphorus between Europe and Asia. See Palaces, Bridges, Historical Hills, Mosques, Churches, Historic water front Ottoman wooden houses ( Like Victorian houses but some of the are much older)

Spice Market : Second oldest and biggest historic market. One can forget architecture, historic background, size but never spices smell

Rustem Pasha Mosque from 1561. Chosen as most beautiful mosque of Europe by News week in 2007. Although less touristy compare to Blue mosque and Hagia Sophia, reputed with its unique, different designed and colored tiles.

Üsküdar district . It is old town of Istanbul on Asian side. Browse local life , culture, history on Asian Istanbul.

Maiden Tower; Most iconic picture of city. Located on small island between Europe and Asia.

Dolmabahçe Palace (1856); Called as Versailles of Istanbul. Architectural design contains eclectic elements from the Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical styles, blended with traditional Ottoman architecture to create a new synthesis.

Day 3 – New City Istiklal Avenue, Galata Tower, Mawlawi House Museum and Many others

This site of city is called Beyoğlu (Pera in ancient name). Known as a new town of old Istanbul where first city theatre, cinema, modern stores, modern architecture, mass production and other related structural, life-sustainings raised. Consider modern center today in terms of social activities, modern art and life style. It is also a must part to understand where non Muslims has lived after late Sultanate period and


— Take a stroll along Istiklal avenue, is an elegant pedestrian street, approximately two kilometers long, which houses exquisite boutiques, music stores, bookstores, art galleries, cinemas, theaters, libraries, cafes, pubs, night clubs with live music, historical patisseries, chocolateries and restaurants.

— See late Ottoman era buildings (mostly from the 19th and early 20th centuries) those were designed with the Neo-Classical, Neo-Gothic, Beaux-Arts, Art Nouveau and First Turkish National Architecture styles; as well as a few Art Deco style buildings from the early years of the Turkish Republic, and a number of more recent examples of modern architecture.

Turkey’s first Western consulates ( Former embassies before 1923)

— One of the oldest serving candy and Turkish delight shop since 1777

Tünel, is the second-oldest subterranean urban rail line in the World after the London Underground (1863), and the first subterranean urban rail line in continental Europe.

First Mawlawi house( Whirling Dervishes house ) in Istanbul. Learn about Sufism and Sufi’s life.

Arabic Mosque It represents the only example of religious Gothic Architecture remaining in Istanbul.

Archeology museum which is among the biggest museums of the world thanks to its more than one million artifacts from various cultures, won the “European Council Museum Prize” in 1993. Treaty of Kadesh ( oldest treaty peace in the world ), Alexander Sarcophagus, Sarcophagus of crying Women, Gezer Calendar ( oldest known examples of Hebrew writing ) Legendary Troy collections, vast cuneiform collections, Artifacts of Ancient Anatolian, Greek and Roman civilizations.

Day 4 – City Walls, Chora Church ( a mosaics and frescoes masterpiece) Golden Horn, Eyup District ( Muslim’s spiritual center in the city ) Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople ( Christian’s spiritual center in the city), Only active Byzantium church since construction, Famous Süleymaniye Mosque

In this tour we will take you to very local neighborhoods by the city walls. Further historical Turkish, Greek and Jewish quarters.


Theodosius city walls.

Seven Towers Dungeons. It was used as a treasury, archive and royal prison in the Ottoman

Chora Church (14th century ), a masterwork of Byzantine architecture. Today serves as museum where you can see most beautiful mosaics and frescoes (1315 – 1321 ) in these lands.

Tekfur Sarayi (“Palace of the Sovereign”). Last administration Byzantine Palace.

Eyüp district. It is most well-known Muslim’s spiritual center in Turkey.

Pierre Loti; A fabulous panoramic view of Golden Horn, Old and New city.

Fener and Balat Neighborhoods; Visit Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and old Jewish quarters.

Roman Aqueduct ( 4th century) area which is still with great magnificence in the center of city.

— Taste one of the oldest drink (Boza) nine thousand years old Mesopotamia drink.